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Make your on-premise Contact Centre ready for Social Distancing measures

11, Jun 2020

As the UK government continues to evaluate their “delay” phase strategies to combat the Covid-19 outbreak it is inevitable that on-premise Contact Centre operations will need to be ready for call centre agents to start working fully remotely while ensuring your Customer Experience levels are not disrupted.

If your Contact Centre systems are premise based it is very likely that your Disaster Recovery plans are set to provide failover for your physical hardware in the event of a major system failure or an event at your location such as flooding, power failure or a major security incident. In these cases, your team may be able to relocate to a backup location to resume operations, but can your team still function in the event of Social Distancing measures if they are directed to self-isolate from their own home?

Those that have already migrated to a Cloud based Contact Centre will no doubt be grateful of the agility and flexibility their system offers, but for those still tied to an on-premise system all is not lost.

We have been working closely with the leading CCaaS and UCaaS partners to understand all of the current programs they have set in place that could help you act effectively and get into a better position to minimise the impact when the government imposes stricter Social Distancing measures for staff intensive workplaces.

For any company with an on premise Contact Centre we will be able to route your calls into a Cloud based Contact Centre FREE OF CHARGE for 3 months and within 15 days using complimentary Professional Services 

In addition, if your CRM is already cloud based we will even integrate your CRM into your Cloud based Contact Centre.  Your agents will simply need a laptop at home to manage calls via our softphone, all required communications software technology will be provided.

One of our leading UCaaS partners are also offering FREE video meeting software enabling screen sharing, meeting recording and much more. If your sales team cannot get to their meetings, then we can bring the meetings to them.

The UK may need to enter into lockdown as we have seen in Italy and other EU countries and we know that many enterprise companies that have not yet made the move to the cloud and are in a panic mode, which is not a good place to be when core solutions such as Contact Centre operations and Communications are involved. 

This is why we wanted to get this message out to you as quickly as possible to highlight the migration options being presented free of charge and without commitment by several of our CCaaS and UCaaS technology partners. These options could simply be used as a stop gap to get you out of trouble and when everything goes back to normal you can return to your original plans.

Let’s work together to keep all of our workforces safe through technology during this tough time.

Contact us today to outline your concerns and to hear about the current extended evaluation programs our partners have to offer.