Time to Future Proof your Contact Centre?

Break free from your legacy Contact Centre's lack of dynamic scalability and harness the infinite compute resources of the cloud. This brings the power of A.I. to boost your agent productivity and CSAT scores. In addition, the open architecture allows for easy custom integrations and self-service SDKs. Create customer journeys in hours not months, with clicks not code!

Improve Customer Service

Unlike the customer information silos typical within a legacy Contact Centre, CCaaS provides a holistic view of customer interactions. This not only delivers actionable insights to improve Customer Service, but allows for seamless customer handovers, reducing the need for customers to repeat information - the instant customer satisfaction killer.

Increase Revenue

Improving Customer Experience (CX) leads to increased customer loyalty, customer referrals and repeat business. Couple this with a reduction in the costs per contact and you can ensure your Contact Centre becomes a Strategic Asset and your Competitive Differentiation.

Move away from CapEx while reducing your Cost Per Contact

With CCaaS you only pay for what you use, so you can wave goodbye to large CapEx investments and high on-site maintenance costs. Harnessing the latest CCaaS Omni-Channel technologies will increase first contact resolutions, driving down your average cost per contact.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Employee attrition is one of the biggest challenges in the Contact Centre. The latest Workforce Management tools integrated within the leading CCaaS platforms will assist with agent on-boarding, ongoing training, skills based routing and A.I. powered agent assistance during customer engagements. These tools all help you to provide an increased focus on coaching and development.

Compliance & Reliability

Have peace of mind that your data is protected in compliance with over 30 Security Certifications and your CCaaS platform is backed by a 100% up-time Service Level Agreement. Call recording can be administered to meet regulatory compliance without the need for vast on premise storage, and data sovereignty can be controlled as required.


No More Forklift Upgrades

Get a suite of AI-infused contact center applications built on a modern cloud-native platform that integrates seamlessly with existing on-premises ACD systems such as Avaya, Cisco and Genesys.


Flexible Deployment Options

With Talkdesk xConnect you can connect to any carrier. With Talkdesk Boost you can connect to any ACD. With Hybrid Cloud your most protected data can be placed in a private cloud and with Regional Cloud you can pick your cloud's location which is especially important for companies working under strict industry and geographic regulations.


Next Generation Contact Centre Platform

Unlike the first generation cloud solutions which were built from on-premises roots, the Talkdesk platform was born in the cloud which makes integrations a breeze and eliminates the channel silos found in legacy systems.


At Plexus everything we do is focused on helping our clients improve their Customer Experience (CX). We do this by finding and working with vendors who we believe offer disruptive technologies in areas such as CCaaS, CRM and Marketing Automation.


So often we find companies that have a great outbound digital strategy but have overlooked the importance of a solid inbound digital strategy which enables their customers to communicate with them over their preferred platforms. We can help you to select the best Omni-Channel solution to meet the requirements of your business


We work with market leaders and disruptive technology innovators. We aim to find and deliver Enterprise Class solutions for our customers delivered without an Enterprise Class price tag. CCaaS, CRM and Marketing Automation platforms from some of the biggest names in the industry can have way too much feature bloat for the needs of small to mid sized companies. We help you see the wood for the trees to select an economic solution that meets your needs now and into the future.


We know very well that One Size Rarely Fits All. We are certified partners for many vendors and are therefore not aligned exclusively with any one solution provider. We will never give advice that is not in the best interests of your project requirements. In some cases we will present a hybrid solution selecting the best features from one or more vendors to provide you with the best business outcomes.


We work with companies of all sizes to help them select cost effective solutions that will scale as their requirements grow. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements for Customer Experience solutions such as Contact Centre, Unified Communications, CRM and Marketing Automation. You will find us informative and informal, hard sell is not part of the Plexus DNA.