Today Unified Communications (UCaaS), which includes; presence management, Instant Messaging, Voice and more, is simply expected with any new telephony platform. However, despite this giant leap in how companies and departments communicate, both internally and externally, there is a demand for more…

Users are increasingly working in multiple screens and applications, such as: softphones, web meetings, email, project management and CRM.

What’s Next

The next revolution in the Cloud Communications industry is in bringing all communication and collaboration tools into one intuitive platform, including features such as;

• Realtime individual and group messaging

• Easy management of calendars and tasks

• Web & video meetings

• File sharing, editing and storage (with version control)

• Initiate and answer voice calls

• Integration with hundreds of applications such as Dropbox, Salesforce and Zendesk.

True Collaboration

Imagine being able to communicate realtime with internal and external teams, including integrated task and project management and the ability to connect with team members via voice, SMS, MMS, and messaging.

Don’t Lose Out

By not using the latest cloud technologies organisations are losing out to their competition, both through the level of customer experience they can deliver and in lacking a robust, flexible and mobile working environment offering employees a great work life balance.


Why choose us

We work in true partnership being accountable for everything we do. We do not believe in making things sticky for customers or hiding behind contracts, we simply want a relationship that works both ways. If we do not deliver then why should you be held to a contract? We are a monthly pay as you go service that you can turn off, on or scale both up or down at a moment’s notice.


Got questions?


Increasingly people are using email as a conversation tool, going back and forth, creating long email threads and ultimately lots of clutter. Then when someone else needs to be brought into the thread it becomes even more cumbersome.

All you will ultimately need is an internet connection, the tech leaders in this space have the platforms all ready to work for you out of the box. It also goes without saying that these solutions should work both on-site and remotely, with desktop and mobile applications.

If you buy the right technology you will only have one platform to manage, the tech leaders in collaborative communications have invested heavily in R&D over the years, ensuring they are ahead of the curve to deliver a collaboration platform that enables you communicate through a single interface.